Mon’s Thai Bistro and Sushi Bar

I guess with the launch their new look and branding, something had to give, and unfortunately it has been the quality of the food and the customer service.

I’ve been a fan of Mon’s (and Spice, their sister restaurant located at 1604/Blanco) for a few years, but the last few visits have left me less than ecstatic. My visit tonight, though, was extraordinarily terrible.

About half way into my usual dish—Pad Wun Sen with chicken, spice level 1—I bit into something hard. I thought it was a piece of a chicken bone, so I spit it out, when in actuality is was a PIECE of GLASS. Yes, I’ll say it again—I had a piece of brown glass in my Pad Wun Sen! I can only assume it may have come from a broken beer bottle or something similar.

I immediately told the closest server and he was very, very apologetic. He immediately took the glass and my plate away. When he came back, he apologised again (and again) and said he told the owner and the cooks, and that our bill was taken care of. I very much appreciate his concern, but what really gets to me is the fact that the owner never so much as graced us with his presence. I mean, what does it take for the owner to come to the table? A hair is one thing, but a piece of glass? I don’t even need to go into how dangerous and ridiculous this is. If the owner doesn’t care enough to personally come to my table and make sure that my mouth isn’t lacerated and that I’m not going to sue his pants off, what else is he apathetic about concerning the health and safety of the food in his restaurant? I’m not sure which is sharper: the owner’s ego or my food?

I have worked in the food service industry so I know and understand that things happen, and I’m a pretty easy-going person about it. What I can’t and won’t excuse though is when management doesn’t take things like this seriously.

So, even though I have enjoyed and recommended Mon’s in the past, tonight was my last visit! My decision is based not so much based on the glass in my food, but because the owner of Mon’s didn’t seem to acknowledge this very serious, very dangerous situation.

I strongly advise you to do the same. I have had better experiences at Spice, but again, they are both owned by the same person, so it’s very likely that you, too could find a variety of unusual objects in your favorite dish.

I give Mon’s 0 stars for their poor, unacceptable performance based on this solitary experience.

Mon’s Thai Bistro and Sushi Bar
4901 Broadway
San Antonio, TX 78209

Spice Asian Bistro
Ventura Plaza
434 N. Loop 1604 W, suite 2101
San Antonio, TX 78232

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