Martha’s Mexican Restaurant

When I saw that Martha’s had (finally) reopened in it’s same locations albeit in about 1/4 of the space that they used to own (next to the Egg & I), the Hubby and I decided to give it a whirl before catching a movie. 


The moment we walked in I should have turned around and walked out. Sometimes I just have those feelings about a restaurant, and my instincts have never misguided me. It was a sad looking excuse for a restaurant, especially since we used to frequent the old one before it unexpectedly shut it doors about a year and a half ago. The rest of the experience went way down hill from here.


It took forever for a server to come and greet us at our dirty table (which was never wiped down), probably because they were too busy standing in the back pointing and talking about our table like we had the plague. The menus we were given had smashed food completely covering some of the menu items, and when given to the back to the server, she just ignored it and closed it back up to be given as a fun little surprise to the next unsuspecting customers. 


As we were waiting for eternity for our food to arrive, a group of young Mariachi’s came into the restaurant, and two of the women servers (one of which was ours) very quickly got them anything their hearts desired. It would have been great for us to have that kind of service at any point in the meal!


The tea was bad, so i asked for water instead, but was still charged for tea at the end of the meal (and never received any refills)! After about 30 minutes, our poor excuse for food finally came. I took one bite of my cold, congealed cheese enchiladas and sent it away. My husband tried to power through his, and only ate one enchilada and a bite of beans, and was disgusted. 


I told the server I wanted to speak with a manager, so 10 minutes later, the server brings the ticket with my husband’s meal and the two teas on it. Now I’m livid and about to walk out without paying (which i’ve never done let alone considered doing before). I flagged another server down and asked if she was the manager, to which she said, “No”  but that she could talk to the owner for me. We explained everything that had happened, and that this was the worst service and food that we’ve ever experienced, and we were so disappointed because we use to come to Martha’s all the time before they “reopened.” To which she made lots of excuses about the computer system, blah, blah, blah, and asked us to come back next time. To which I replied, “There won’t be a next time.” We ended up going somewhere else to eat a real dinner, and had to catch a later movie.


I give Martha’s 0 out of 5 stars.

Save your time, money and frustrations and don’t go to Martha’s! I can’t vouch for their other two locations (5822 Babcock, or 818 NE Loop 410), but I can’t fathom how one location of a “family-owned and operated” restaurant could be mush different from the other locations. If you visit these other locations and your experience is any different, please let me know!


Martha’s Mexican Restaurant

16664 San Pedro Ave

San Antonio

(210) 403-9490



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