Pei Wei

So, I don’t prefer to frequent chain restaurants, but my husband really likes Pei Wei (the sister company of P.F. Chang’s), so we visit whenever he can convince me to go.

When I do visit I always order the same thing: Thai Coconut Curry, Brown Rice with Chicken and Sauce on the Side (that way I can regulate the amount of sauce, because it’s a bit spicy for me).

Tonight when I got my order—which, by the way, had the sauce on top of it instead of on the side—the first bite was very chewy, which seemed odd since the chicken is normally very tender. The second piece was completely RAW. I took my plate back up to the counter and asked to speak with a manager. I showed her my raw chicken and told her I had eaten the first piece before I knew it wasn’t cooked properly. Not at all shocked or sincerely apologetic (although she did say the rehearsed “sorry, we’ll get you another one.”) I also asked for the sauce on the side (since they didn’t get that right the first time either).

My food finally came by the time my husband finished his meal, which would have been fine if that’s how long it takes to properly cook chicken, but the first piece of the new plate was still slightly undercooked and pink on the inside. The rest of the pieces of chicken were very small, so those were cooked all the way.

I think what upsets me the most is the fact that the manager didn’t bring the new dish out, nor did she check on me to make sure it was cooked this time around. She sent what appeared to be one of the bussers to bring me my food (but this time forgot the sauce all together). When I finally did get the sauce, it tasted unusual, like it was soured.

I know stuff happens accidently and sometimes food gets messed up, but I really don’t appreciate the lack of concern for what could be a very dangerous situation.

I give Pei Wei a -5 out of 5 for this visit.

(The health department went out the very next day to inspect and didn’t find any raw chicken. A couple days later someone from corporate emailed me back to apologize.)

Pei Wei Asian Diner
1802 N Loop, 1604 East (the one I visited)
San Antonio, TX 78232
Phone: (210) 507-9160

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